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2020 Targets

New targets for 2015 and 2020, measured against a 2004/2008 baseline are contained in the Scottish Government's publication "Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020" which was published in June 2009.

These targets are:

Target (1)2015 Milestone2020 Targets
 % Reduction% Reduction
People Killed30%40%
People Seriously Injured43%55%
Children (Aged <16) Killed35%50%
Children (Aged <16) Seriously Injured50%65%
Slight Casualty Rate(2)-10%

Road Safety Target Figures to 2020 with milestones at 2015

(1) Source: Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020.
(2) Number of people injured per 100 million vehicle kilometres.

  • Visit the Scottish Government website to view the most recent version of Road Casualties Scotland, which contains national progress against these targets.
Target2004 - 2008 (1)
Actual Values (2) 
People Killed1430%1040%8596121111
People Seriously Injured12743%7255%57678483657458
Children (Aged <16) Killed0(4)35%050%0000000
Children (Aged <16) Seriously Injured1250%665%4466152
Slight Casualty Rate (3)24--10%22201717151516

(1) Source: Table 42 of "Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2008", except for children killed.
(2) Sources: Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015".  The values in this table for each year are as reported in that year's edition of Reported Road Casualties.  On occasions some values are slightly different in more recent versions of the publication.
(3) Number of people injured per 100 million vehicle kilometres. Source: Table 41 of "Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2015"
(4) This is the average. It does not mean zero killed in 2004 - 2008.

Dumfries and Galloway Road Safety targets to 2020, with milestones at 2015 and provisional casualty values for 2016

Figure 5: Number of People killed

Figure 6: Number of People Seriously Injured

Figure 7: Slight Casualty Rate

Figure 8: Number of Slight Casualties

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