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Safety Crossing Patrol - Road Safety Heroes

My name is Ian Johnson. I work as a Community Assets Supervisor for Dumfries and Galloway Council.

It is the Communities Section responsibility to provide School Crossing Patrols for schools across the region, ensuring children can cross the road safely on their way to and from school. We can provide School Crossing Patrols on various types of roads. I often work morning, lunch time and home time on the busy A76 crossing in Thornhill providing crossing assistance to the pupils of Wallace Hall Primary School and Academy. 

My road safety advice is:

"Stay on the pavements at all times and when you have to cross the road, only do so where and when it is safe, preferably at a proper crossing point or better still, if a Crossing Patrol Officer is on duty, use them. Wear bright or reflective coloured clothing when it is dark so it's easier for other road users to see you, and never assume that you know what a vehicle is going to do next. Following these simple rules will keep you safe."

Ian School Crossing Patrol - Road Safety Heroes