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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service - Road Safety Heroes

This is Scott Findlater. Scott is the Watch Commander on Red Watch at Dumfries Fire Station.

When on duty, Scott and his team of 10 firefighters regularly attend incidents on the roads throughout Dumfries and Galloway. They deal with anything from small fuel spills and bumps between vehicles to more serious road traffic collisions on any of the region's roads. Unfortunately, Scott and his team must deal with more seriously injured or fatal casualties from time to time. This isn't a nice thing to witness for the team and also has a lasting effect on the friends and family of those involved for the rest of their lives. That's why preventing these collisions occurring in the first place is so important to Scott. Scott is looking for everyone to be a road safety hero. 

Scott says:

"By observing the speed limit and driving carefully, we can prevent accidents from occurring. Avoid distraction inside the car and don't be encouraged to go faster than the speed limit. If you're a passenger and you are concerned by the speed of the vehicle - ask the driver to slow down. During bad weather, drive safely and slow down further if road conditions are bad. And please take note of your surroundings. Please look out for pedestrians, cyclists, and horses. By following these simple points, you will be the real Road Safety Hero"

Scott Fire and Rescue Service - Road Safety Heroes